Do you Know about Saffron and it’s benefits?


What is Saffron? This is the question that is remain without answer for many people around the world. Saffron, this Valuable and useful plant is red stamen of saffron flower that grows mostly  in Northeast of Iran. All Iranian people use it for most their meals and dessert to make their food more delicious with dark yellow color.  This what you can not separate it from Iran, since it is a Symbol of our culture.

Apart from uniqueness of Saffron, get familiar with health benefit of this high price spice:

  • Prevent hair loss among men and women
  • Decrease Pain
  • Increase Sexual vitality
  • Enhance mental health
  • Help Heart to work normally
  • Help digestion 

How to use this Expensive spice from tiny amount of it?

Iranian use two method to use Saffron:

Hot water: Put 1/4 of teaspoon in jar then add 2 table spoon hot water  and leave for 30 Min. After spending this period you can use this yellow water for adding to your meal you mix it with your rice to make your rice more tasty.

Ice cube: The second way will do by adding 2-3 ice cube to 1/4 of teaspoon Saffron is tiny jar. Leave your Saffron for 30 minute to have a colorful with good smell water.

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