Get familiar with Iranian people-South of Iran

Short trip to South of Iran

Iran or Persia is the most beautiful country in middle east with 1148 cities located in different part of Iran. Iran is made up of different region with variant tribes and dialects. In each part of Iran, people wear their special clothes which shows their custom and personality.Tasting their meal favor is not the thing you can find anywhere else. To get you more familiar with Iran,let start with Iran tastes.

Finding different taste in Iran is not a difficult action. You just need to choose your favorite taste and follow it but what i suggest you is that choose your taste base your travel plan. Don’t worry about Iranian food , you will love it.

If we divide Iran to 4 region, we can find each part taste m

ore easily.

South of Iran

South of Iran: For an Iranian South of Iran means chili taste, fish, hot weather, calm sea and warm people. Welcome to the south of Iran !!! Soth of Iran is well-known for Persian gulf to all around the world with small and big Islands with unbelievable beauties.

Best time: The best time to visit South of Iran is from October to February. After or before this period, you can not tolerate hot weather.

Best cities and Islands: The best cities to visit are Bandar Abbas, Qeshm Island, Kish Island, Hormoz Island, Hengam Island. What you need to know about these south cities is that in Bandar abbas, kish and Qeshm Island you can find all 3*,4* and 5* hotels but in last two islands of Hormoz and Hengam there is no accommodation or in another know people live there so just go for visiting with bus Ship.

Best Meal: South fish are popular in Iran for their unique taste. So never lose this fabulous taste. Special meals are made by fish in this region that the best one is ” Ghalyeh Mahi” made with Vegetable, pepper,fish, sour,garlic.

South people: South people are happy, kind, friendly people with dark skin. Music is inseparable part of their life. You can hear their traditional music anywhere you go and watch their men dance at night near the sea.


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