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伊朗的阿舒拉节,是伊朗一个文化象征,人们通过在街上举行隆重的游行仪式,纪念在公元680年的卡尔巴拉战役中遇难的侯赛恩(先知默罕默德的外孙)。这一历史事件也是伊斯兰教什叶派和逊尼派开始分道扬镳的一个重要标志。伊朗的百姓也自发在街上分发食物和饮料给路人。The festival of Ashura in Iran is a cultural symbol of Iran. People celebrate Hussein, the grandson of the Prophet Mohammed, by holding a solemn procession in the streets in memory of Hussein, who was killed in the Battle of Karbala in 680 A.D. The historic event is also an important sign that Shia and [...]
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Vank Cathedral the glorious religious place in Iran isfahan

伊斯法罕的光荣宗教场所   你知道Vank Cathedral吗? 圣洁姐妹教堂,是位于伊朗伊斯法罕新Julfa区的大教堂。它通常被称为Vank,意思是亚美尼亚语中的“修道院”或“修道院”。大教堂建于1606年,致力于成千上万的亚美尼亚被驱逐者,他们在1603年至1618年奥斯曼帝国战争期间由沙阿阿巴斯一世重新安置。 它是伊斯法罕最重要的宗教场所之一,每天都可供公众参观      

Get familiar with Iranian people-South of Iran

Short trip to South of Iran Iran or Persia is the most beautiful country in middle east with 1148 cities located in different part of Iran. Iran is made up of different region with variant tribes and dialects. In each part of Iran, people wear their special clothes which shows their custom and personality.Tasting their […]

Traditional music-Bakhtiyari tribe

Iran consist of different tribes with various customs and musics. Some of these tribe are:Bakhtiyari,Qasghaee,Azari,…!furthermore, these tribes live in a special tents which is call black tent made by themselves which protect them from rain. They live in a group and migrate twice in a year; in spring and fall.Most of their occupation is animal […]

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