Who will Guide you in Persia?

A good English guide in Iran

If you find an opportunity to visit Persia, so the first thing you need is a good guide in your language or not to provide , help and inform you about Iran. Visiting Iran without a guide would be a big risk because there are many things about different visiting places, customs,idea,…. But If your prefer to travel to Iran without tour guide, is not a problem.   

Types of available Tour Guide in Iran

A Licensed Iranian Guide who speak English. This is the most common guide choose for most traveler who find Iran as their destination. If the price of your Iran tour package is important for you so, let say that English guide is the cheapest. 
This Type of guide could be both a native or non native guide with license . So for exhibition or meeting tours translator would be a good choice.
This group is related t those Iranian guides who speak in language other than English like Chinese guide, German guide,French guide and …

How to find a good guide in Iran?

Finding a good guide is not as difficult as you think, what you need is a valid agent in Iran. Find it!!! All licensed travel agencies in Iran have an authority to provide tour leaders in Iran to travelers. What important to know is that Tip is obligatory and must pay to leader directly or to provider agent. 

Benefits of booking leader from agents:

  • Trusted ( You can trust on provided leader because agency check and guarantee them)
  • language proficient ( Language proficiency is what is necessary for booking and this ability is examined but travel agencies)
  • Save money( You don’t need to pay exaggerated amounts offered by leaders)
  • planned ( Your travel plan would be explain to leaders by agencies, so there is no inconsistency in your plan .)

Be careful never get in contact with leaders that you don’t know them well.