Iran HotelsBooking all star hotel in Iran

Booking hotel in Iran is the same as other countries. In all big cities of Iran, you can find 5*,4*,3*… hotels, while this situation is not available in smaller cities where you can find only 4* or 3*. Furthermore, there are some exception on hotels types in Persia. For instance, Iran has some historical cities with Most Traditional Hotels. In fact these hotels were Traditional houses remained form past or they are maid newly in this style. This Traditional hotels usually have limited room in quantity and type so for booking rooms for big groups need to choose different types of room and also book these traditional hotels specially in Iran high season period at least 2 Months before arrival. These historical cities in Persia are such as Yazd, Kashan, Isfahan and Kerman. 

How to book Iran hotels?

Booking hotels in Iran or Persia can be done in different ways:

  • Book directly from Hotels and Hotels online reservation system
  • Book from Online booking service providers
  • Book from Iran local travel agencies
  • Book from a connection like friends,relatives,…

What need to know about booking Hotel in Persia?

  • Booking from hotels is taking time and pay more
  • Booking from Online providers is cheap but in some cases following up your reservation would be a little difficult. 
  • Booking from Agencies is time saving and cheaper
  • Book for connections is more expensive

We get that the best way to book hotels from Travel agencies in Iran is the cheapest and fastest way. This doesn’t mean that other ways of booking hotel in Persia is not safe but what we propose you is the third way.