Iranian Dessert

Iranian traditional Saffron ice cream with pistachue

Traditional Ice cream with Saffron

Never leave Iran without tasting Iranian traditional ice cream. Sweat taste of Milk and smell of Saffron create a good mix of Iranian taste. This type of Ice cream has the vanilla taste but what we suggest you is the Saffron one. 


  • Fresh Milk
  • Saffron
  • Cream

Best Place to Eat

  • All Ice cream shops have this types of ice cream

Best Time to Eat

  • After lunch and dinner. Iranian people doesn’t clarify special time to eat it and mostly they eat in the evening.

Iran sweet Baghlava of Yazd


An Iranian Sweet which would be the favor of most of people who prefer too sweet taste. Baghlava comes from Yazd city. So if you prefer to taste the original taste, serve it in Yazd. Baghlava is a traditional  sweet of Turkey too.



Best Place to eat

  • Candy Shop in Yazd

Best Time to Eat

  • No special time is defined but what we suggest to eat after meals with Iranian tea

Shirazian traditional desserts faloudeh


A Traditional dessert comes from Shiraz. It look likes Noodles which doesn’t have any special taste but you need to add some lemon juice, or cherry juice to make it tasty. Some people mix Faloudeh with traditional Ice cream.

Best Place to Eat

  • Shiraz traditional Faloudeh Shops are the best choices but you can find it in some shops in other cities of Persia.

Best time to Eat

  • No special Time is considered , any time you like,can taste it.