iranian new year haft seenNowruz is the name for Iranian new year that is related to first day of spring. Nowruz or Persian new year is one of the most important events for Iranian people. In Nowruz in Iran, Iranian people design a table which is called Haft-Seen. Haft-Seen is the name of special table with special decoration. Haft- Seen is made of 7 Special thing that start their name with ” S” in Persian, like “Seer” (garlic), “Seeb”(Apple), “Sabze”(sprout), “Somagh” (Sumac), “Sekkeh”(coin), “Senjed”(oleaster fruit),”Samano”(wheat germ pudding), beside these seven “S” other special thing will be use to show spring and positive energies,like “Quran” the holy book of Muslims, “Sonbol”(hyacinth), “Serkeh”(vintage), Mirror and Candle. All Iranian families at special time and date seat around the “Haft-Seen” and wait for spring on predefined  special time. Kissing and hugging are the first thing that all Iranian do after announcing  the new year. One of the most popular custom of Nowruz is going to adult people like grand ma and grand pa and take money as gift (in Persian is called Eydi) from adults. In Nowruz ceremony the first meal that serve is Fish and vegetable and rice. Iranian new year holiday is 13 days and on 13th day they go out door and spend the day out of their houses.

Iran ” Moharam”, ” Tasoa & Ashora” Events

                                                                                       Iran Moharam Sign             Iran is a Muslim country with “Shia”  beliefs and customs. “Moharem” is one of respectful months for all Muslims specially Iranian people that base on events happened around 1400 years ago, third prophets of Shia, while fighting enemies has been gone to martyrdom on ” Ashora ” day,because of that from that time, every year all Muslims, in the respect of that mourn