Our Services all provide by MPTA Iran Local Travel Agency 

MPTA provide it’s Iran tour services under two major categories:

Packages: Iran tour Packages are include all needed travel services for each passenger. From the beginning to the the end of the trip passenger’s Accommodation, Meals, Tour guide, Car and Transfers, Visiting places,… would be pre-planned. All services based on customers request as well as Budget will be provide at the standards and quality.

Service Items: Some customer’s request is especial services that  base on their intention, MPTA provide services individually. So based on an organised plan each requested services will be reserved and also if the customer need other services during the trip, MPTA is ready to provide and handle it.

MPTA Services:

  • Hotel Booking
  • Car Renting
  • Flight Booking ( Domestic & International)
  • Iran Visa ( Landing Visa, Label Visa, Visa code)
  • Guide and Translator providing ( Chinese, English)
  • Restaurant Reserving ( Iranian , Chinese Restaurant)
  • Train Booking ( Domestic)

MPTA reservation Group are ready to reserve all your needed hotels in all cities in Iran, from North to South and West to East. Booking hotels are as easy as you think. Just send your request by Our contact ways and MPTA team will find your requested hotel with cheapest available price.
High Seasons and Low season we are with you. 5 Star hotels are waiting for your request. Just be aware of high season which need s to book your 5 star hotel earlier.
MPTA provide different 4 star hotels with different styles such as traditional 4 star hotels, Classical 4 star hotels ,…
For your economical groups we recommend you , well qualified 3 star hotels in Iran cities.

Base on Group size and customer’s request, different type of car will be provided. All Tours and Transfers handle by Modern and well equipped Cars.

MPTA buses divide in two groups:

Normal Bus :  Buses used for groups with the quantity of 19+. They have 40-44 seats use for Iran Tours as well as city tours. Modern and well equipped with air-conditioner, Wifi, Microphone,..

 Iran Car



VIP Bus: Buses suitable for groups 17-20 pax. They have 24 seats use for VIP groups, Iran tours and also City Tours. They are New, Modern and well equipped.

Iran BusIran car Renting
MPTA Middle buses have 25-30 and are suitable for 10-19 passengers.

Iran Middle bus 25 seats 

Cars with 13 seats that is good for 10 passengers. They are well equipped and New which can also be used fro VIP groups . 

 Iran Mini bus renting 

SUV 5 seat  Cars are for Hyundai Company good for 1 to 4 passengers. 

  Iran car  

Normal sedan Car with 4 seats , for 1 to 3 passengers. 

 Iran Sedan   

One of the major services that we Provide is booking both International flight by various airlines such as Mahan, Turkish, China southern, Emirate, Qatar airways,… also domestic flights with unbelievable prices . Our Job will not finish Here! Our Booking flight team are available 24 Hours to support your request.
MPTA as IATA member with code No. 33214193 is one of the oldest agencies in booking different airlines in different routes.
Find your domestic flights with the cheapest price here. Buy your domestic flight easily by only one simple request and pay your ticket by easiest ways from anywhere you are.
Visa is the most Import part of all Foreigners for travelling to Iran. Visa Can be as Group Visa or individual visa. Each group or person can take their Iran visa in 2 ways that firstly need to take Visa Code from Iran foreign affairs embassy : 
First step in Taking visa is getting visa code. What you need is to send 3 types of documents:1- Passengers passport copy 2- Passenger’s Photo 3- Visa application Form ( You can find it in Visa page) . It takes 7 to 10 working days to get visa code. This duration never be exact because maybe your visa get ready after 1 day.  After collecting requested documents, send them to our contact ways, we start working on it on  first working days.

Landing Visa or Airport visa is one way of getting visa. Some passengers prefer this way but it has some weak points: 1- passengers must wait long time to get their visa at the airport 2- Their Visa may reject on their arrival. 
The safest way to get your visa is the label visa. Our company branch in Beijing is ready to get your visa there. Send your original documents such as Passport, 2 photos and filled out application form for us in Beijing and we will send your visa as soon as you need.

Label Visa has two types:

  • Normal: it takes 4-5 working days to get your visa
  • Urgent: it takes 1 working days to get your visa when you don’t have enough time to wait for 4 days. 
Having Guide with legal License and Card is the vital services for all incoming tours. With out Tour guide handling tour is not possible. Each tour can have English guide, Chinese Guide, Chinese translator + English Guide that depends on passengers mother tongue and the language which they are comfortable with it. So request your guide preciesly in order to make enjoyable trip for your guest. 

An Iranian Guide speaking English with legal license and tour guide card. if Your guest English knowledge is good we offer you to use this guide for your plan, because your tour package cost will be decrease.

An Iranian Guide speaking Chinese with legal license and tour guide card. we don’t recommend this guide to you for groups who are sensitive on guide’s accent because logically a foreigner can not have accent as well as a native person., But good to know that our all Chinese guide are experienced and have academic license in this field.

This Type of guide is suggested for VIP groups who are more sensitive but consider that the tour package price will goes up. so if it not necessary to have a Chinese guide with native accent can choose another options.

Iran is one of the countries with different types of foods for different tastes. You can taste salty, spicy, sour and sweet taste together. Restaurant environment is another strong points of Iranian restaurants. In addition you enjoy your meal you can also enjoy the environment.   All Iranian drink are Non- Alcoholic which consist of Juice, Water , Yogurt and Cola. You can try different types of your favorite restaurant with our contracted restaurant which have your meals without reserving thoughts

Your passengers can try Iranian Local Meals Like , Fish, rice, chicken, kebab, some stew and… in such a places. Also VIP meals can be served in this restaurant which their price is a little higher.

Iran restaurant

Invite your guest to their local meal in Iran. What you need to know is that you can only find Chinese restaurants in Shiraz, Tehran, Yazd, Isfahan and unfortunately in other countries there is no Chinese restaurants. so if you want to put Chinese meal on your plan, it’s good to arrange it in these cities. 

Chinese Restaurant in tehran







We suggest you to put train on your plan too, it is firstly decrease your package cost and also Iran Trains are enough qualified which help your guest to have one relax night there. 

For booking train Ticket , needs to send your request and passengers passport , then our booking team will start on your request as soon as possible and resend your tickets.

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