Iran Molk Mosque- Shiraz

Nasir Al Molk Mosque

Shiraz , Cultural capital of Iran, Host of 2,500 Iran civilization and house of famous poets Like HAfez and Saadi. Shiraz is located at South west of Iran with the mediate climate and Friendly people. Shiraz is famous for it’s beautiful spring from middle of March to the middle of May,  Old Capital of Iran “Persepolis” and 40 gardens and historical places which welcome millions of visitors every year. Peoples from all around the world put shiraz in their Iran travel itinerary. Don’t lose visiting places like: Nasir Al Molk Mosque, Hafez Tomb, Persepolis, Naqsh’e Rostam, Eram or Paradise garden, Quran Gate and so many other places. Shiraz is consist of 5 star, 4 star and top 3 star hotels with full facilities and good locations near to city center and visiting places.You can also Try our Shiraz Tour and enjoy Real shiraz!!!!

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