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Like all other countries in the world that have their special rules, Iran is not separate from this too. To have more enjoyable memories about Iran is good to know all tips before travel to Iran, the land of Persia. There are 18 tips as below , we recommend you to read before you buy the ticket for Iran.

Iran is located in the Middle East, and you may be confused with other Middle East regions to misunderstand its security. Iran is a place where there is no war, no terrorist organization, and good law and order. The hospitality of the Iranian people will be beyond your imagination. Very friendly to the Chinese people, there are many people who walk in the street and say hello to you in Chinese. People’s lives are simple and simple, so the security issues are generally better. In recent years, due to economic sanctions, the national currency has depreciated more than three times. The Iranian people feel that foreigners are more rich in US dollars. The thief still has it. Although the thief is very sinful in Islam, it cannot be 100% eliminated. Therefore, normal security measures in densely populated areas are still necessary.

Do not carry too many unopened electronic products, such as an Apple mobile phone. If you carry two Apple mobile phones that are not unpacked, you may be taxed at the customs.
Iran is a country where Islam is governed by national laws (most people in Iran believe in Islam, and there are also a small number of Christians and other sects) that rule the country with religion. Saying that as the Romans do, they require foreigners to comply with Iran’s domestic dress code. Ms.: In public, you must wear a headscarf, a long-sleeved top and a jacket that needs to be over the hips. The length of the pants needs to be covered to the heel. Sandals can be worn and there are no restrictions on shoes. The color of the headscarf can be colorful and the clothes can be. However, Iranian women’s public places are mostly black and dark, and restaurants, hotels and cars are regarded as public places, all of which require headscarves. However, clothing at home and in rooms as well as in private places is not required. Men: You can wear short-sleeved tops, but you can’t wear shorts and you need to wear long pants.

Some sensitive government departments in some countries do not allow photography, and some police and soldiers do not allow photography. If you take photos, you may be asked to delete them. However, most public places can be photographed. Some ancient buildings in the scenic area are not allowed to take pictures. They are worried about damage to cultural relics. There are hints in the scenic area whether they can take pictures. Pay attention to the warning signs. The Iranian people are also very enthusiastic and like to take photos with foreign countries. As long as they are polite and ask for consent, they can take a group photo together.

The hotel requires the guest to have the original passport in the front desk safe and check out before taking it out. Usually you can leave a copy of your passport on your body.

Because of international sanctions, Iran’s banks and the outside world are barely connected. Therefore, credit cards and foreign visas, master cards, etc. can not be used, need to bring enough cash, US dollars, euros, renminbi can be, can be exchanged in the local currency in the black market. However, the US dollar is basically recognized as a currency for circulation. Many large specialty stores can accept US dollars, but they do not accept RMB. The rest of the Iranian local general store does not accept foreign currency. So you need to bring enough cash. Iranian customs have basically checked the entry of cash.

There are very few regular taxis in Iran, and there are almost no taxis to watch. Regular taxis are red and green. Many private cars also act as taxis. On the road, people are also used to sitting in private cars (domestic called black cars), but the government is also supporting such cars, it is legal, there is no car to say. There are also some people who take guests on the way to work.

Iran is also a country with more than 5,000 years of history and is a country with many courtesies. Moreover, people are very enthusiastic and very hospitable, that is, they will actively invite you to visit his home, but if you are not familiar with the estimate, it is only a guest. If you give me an appointment in advance, it is a true invitation. Iranians speak very little and are considered a polite and courtesy. I don’t like loud noises. Basically in the hotel, everyone whispered, no loud noise. The condominium of the Iranian people is also manifested in every detail of life. For example, when sitting on a taxi or paying for a bill, the driver and the owner will say “no money” first, but you can’t take it seriously. The left hand thinks it is not clean and can’t use the left hand to pick up the object.

The Iranian people pay attention to hygiene and the basic public toilets are relatively clean. Therefore, Iranians are also more jealous of spitting and other uncivilized behaviors. Health care, so there are very few infectious diseases in Iran.

Men and women are different If the woman does not take the initiative to reach out, the man can not take the initiative to shake hands with the woman. Both the bus and the subway have separate male and female compartments. But if you take a taxi, you don’t pay attention to this.

The Iranian diet is relatively monotonous, especially the restaurant has very few dishes. Which restaurant to go to, the basic dishes are the same, the menu can be recited, no more than 10 dishes. Some restaurants even have only 2 dishes. Therefore, it is best to bring some mustard and instant noodles in China. Otherwise, the barbecue every day will be somewhat greasy. Iranian green vegetables are only salads and will not be cooked.

 Many insurance companies do not insure Iran. Iran has a bad relationship with the United States, and the United States has positioned Iran as a dangerous country. Ping An Insurance can now cover Iran. Iran is generally safer, and the route our tour group takes is a common safe city.

Iran’s network is regulated by the government. There are many websites that can’t go up, such as facebook, Taobao…., need to over the wall software (VPN), the popular WeChat in China is shielded because it is considered to impact Iran. The telecommunications industry, as well as the overuse of young people. However, you can also download the wall-over software or purchase a VPN. Relative to the domestic network, Iran’s network speed is very slow. Pictures and email attachments take more than 1M to download. The five-star hotel is almost inaccessible to WIFI in the guest rooms. Only the lobby signal is stronger. Mobile phone network, you must use the local mobile phone card in Iran to use the mobile phone network. The overall normal QQ chat is no problem in the mobile phone network. Cell phone communication, many mobile phones that are roaming around the world, may not always work in Iran, and need to try many times. If you feel that you need a network and communication with the country is very important, it is recommended to buy a local mobile phone card, the local mobile phone card can directly dial the domestic number, no need to open an international long distance. Mobile phone cards can also be connected to the Internet (see mobile phone models, basic Samsung and Apple can access the Internet).

Iran is a country with a tipping habit. If the hotel waiter is serving you, I have an expectation for you to tip, but this can be given or not. Just if you tip, they will be very happy. Drivers also have a tipping system, which is also personal and not mandatory. Buying things in the store, some small workers who help with the goods, sometimes you may have to tip, but this is the same, you can not give

Iran’s climate is dry and dry than Beijing, so you need to remind everyone to drink more water every day, otherwise there will be frequent nosebleeds. Especially Tehran.

The Iranian people see life as a country above work. It is slow to work, and it is not a common task to not answer the phone on weekends. We can’t understand their slowness, they can’t understand our fast. Since you are here, you will be treated as a real mental and physical leave, then you will not be anxious for their slowness.

The Iranian weekend is Thursday, Friday, and Saturday-Wednesday. There are more holidays in peacetime. High temperature holidays and air pollution are also on holiday. Various museums sometimes have inexplicable holidays. So sometimes it may be adjusted according to the actual situation. Going deep into Iran, you will find the beauty of Iran. Have a good trip

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